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Garrison is a Premier Hydra-Stop Contract Services Provider
The Hydra-Tapper hot tapping tool machine is a revolutionary lightweight, rugged and durable tapping machine that makes pressure taps on gas or water lines quick and easy. At only 50 pounds the Hydra-Tapper requires only one operator and less blocking and bracing.

The Hydra-Tapper tapping machine works on any type of pipe. With a predetermined length of travel, there's no need for measurements. Superior engineering, rugged construction and fewer moving parts means Hydra-Tapper is designed to operate without costly malfunctions.

Rated at 250 PSI, Hydra-Tapper uses air or hydraulic motor drive. ADS Pipeline's Hydra-Tapper tapping tools are available in the following sizes: 4-8", 4-12", 4-20"; contract services 3/4" to 60".
Hydra-Tapper Hot Tapping Machine provides many advantages:
  • Fewer moving parts means fewer costly breakdowns
  • Ability to work on any tapping valve
  • No need for measurements dueto predetermined length of saw mandrel travel
  • Includes carbide cutter teeth for fast, accurate cutting
  • Rated at 150 psi
  • Rated at 250 psi for the HD) Heavy-Duty Tapping machine
  • Works on steel, cast iron, ductile iron, asbestos cement, PVC or PE
  • Each unit includes standard air or hydraulic drive (Electric drive Optional)
  • Available in sizes 3/4" thru 20"

Hydra-Tapper can be used for line tapping in water, wastewater, gas, or industrial applications including:
  • Angled/Inverted tapping
  • Hot tapping
  • Reduced size tapping
  • Size-on-size tapping
  • Tank tapping
  • Wet tapping
Hydra Tapper

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